DSCF1010 This is where it all started, a visit to the Dyer family home in Caerphilly
on Sunday 8th October 2005, the first thing that really caught the eye was the signal gantry, we’ll leave the rest of the detail for later. nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2604_webHere are the 3 members who currently own Borchester Market, Ray Warner, Ian Forsyth and Charlie Bloomfield, they’re all 4mm modellers and between them are members of the Double O Gauge Association, EM Gauge Society, Scalefour Society and the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society.
nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2546_webA fairly busy day, Black 5 44666 is departing on a Sheffield train whilst B1 61010 is waiting to depart on a Boston train and in the background a WD is just coming off the colliery line with a loaded coal train.nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2549_webK1 62027 is arriving with an empty coal for the colliery line.

nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2578_web B1 61270 rounds the curve towards the station with a goods from Peterborough.

nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2586_web A Craven cl105 arrives at Wellow Park with a local train.

nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2589_webWD 90067 has just been turned and will make its way back up the colliery line to pick up a loaded coal train.

nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2597_webTwo of the local NCB locos are seen coming back from the colliery line with a brake van special.
nevard_081015_borchester_IMG_3087_web O4 63824 comes onto the viaduct with a loaded coal train for March
nevard_081015_borchester_IMG_3093_web D11 62670 has just arrived with a train from Granthamnevard_081015_borchester_IMG_3119_web This is the track plan of Borchester Market Station. The track colours represent the various sections which can be operated by any one of three controllers. In turn each section has various sub sections, each of these are split into sub-sections.
nevard_081015_borchester_DSC_2609_webHere is the BM control panel, if you look at the previous photo of the track plan you will see the coloured sections and here we have the corresponding
coloured section switches and to the side the various sub-section switches.
Each of these main section switches are three way, to the left it is operated by the arrivals controller, the centre is the departures controller and to the right is the the yard controller.